E M V E Studios Private Limited has come into being on 1st December of 2015 with a mission to produce and promote good films of great entertainment value without compromising on our culture, heritage and ethics.

The Driving Force behind EMVE

The driving force behind EMVE Studios are Lalitha Sarankumar Vaddevalli and Hemasundara Anantha Kumar Chennupati, whose passion for films and film production has led them to establish this state-of-the-art production house known as EMVE Studios. Cinema seems to be the first passion of these two people.


For the last few decades, good films with neat family themes have become a rarity. The films that we see today are forgotten tomorrow. Films bordering on vulgarity with double-meaning dialogues and loud music have become the order of the day. These films are an embarrassing lot to watch with their entire family. To reverse this trend and to provide good and neat films worth watching with the entire family EMVE Studios was born. Thanks to these two film buffs Mr. Lalitha Sarankumar Vaddevalli and Mr. Hemasundara Anantha Kumar Chennupati.

The Expertise at EMVE Studios

Producing good family-oriented films without compromising on the ethics and cultural values yet loaded with lots of entertainment, triggering emotions, sentiments, tears, joys and laughter in you is what the kind of films our EMVE Studios roll out... film after film. No compromise on the budget! Just films of pure entertainment! Worth Watching by the Entire Family! Powerful Stories, Strong Scripts, the Right Selection of Artistes, Well Planning, Precision-like Execution, and Timely Completion are what speak of our professionalism, skills, experience and expertise of EMVE Studios in movie-making.

Howrah Bridge, Our First Production

To begin its journey into films, EMVE Studios is bringing out its production titled "Howrah Bridge". The central theme is, just like a bridge that connects people across, this movie too connects people and binds them in love and emotions. It's a wonderful film that is worth watching with the entire family and friends. There's absolutely no compromise on the budget.

More Films to Rollout from EMVE

Film lovers can find out from here about our upcoming productions, the tidbits, the details, the info, and everything you would like to know of our upcoming productions, you will find here.


EMVE Studios is part of the ASI Global flagship company, one of the biggest Global Companies having diversified into various industrial sectors right from IT Solutions to Filmmaking & Film Financing to Mines & Minerals to Agri Solutions & Farms to dealing in Hospital Furniture for the comfort of the patients. ASI Global is growing at a rapid pace by leaps and bounds spreading its wings to across all industry verticals..